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Twin//line offers a comprehensive low cost product solution for wildfowl mitigation.

We have just recently completed an extensive product development project which has resulted in a new higher strength PVC or HDPE coated Kevlar® with enhanced UV protection.This new cord has been designed to retain its high strength for 10 years in outdoor environments. We offer 2 sizes of cord for large or small applications. We can also supply accessories to support your installations.

Some of the sites we have supported include:

  • Golf courses
  • Airports
  • Power plant cooling ponds
  • Residential neighborhood ponds
  • Water features
  • Home pools and landscape areas

Our small pond, light weight cord.

For jobs that consist of short runs 150 feet or less we can supply a 275 lb test Kevlar® cord that is jacketed with a black extruded HDPE coating.. This is the same basic cord we have been using for many years for small ponds in residential areas as well as numerous golf courses around the country.


Order Kevlar HDPE Jacketed (275)

Our heavy duty, longer run cord.

When you have a need for longer runs or stronger cord applications, our 375 lb test Kevlar® cord is just what you might need. With an extra thick Black PVC coating this cord stands up very well to all extreme weather conditions as well as harsh UV exposure.  As with all of our Kevlar® products, stretch is limited to 3.33% or less.

Order Kevlar PVC Coat (375)

We offer accessories to support your installation.

We stock and assortment of aluminum crimps, zinc plated thimbles and crimping tools to enable you to have the correct hardware that will ensure a long lasting grid assembly. Based on the size of the cord you order we can recommend the appropriate hardware to support your project.

Order Accessories

PVC 200
PVC 375

We'll show you how...

Other hardware you might require:

We do not stock the steel posts or the eye bolts.These posts come with 1/4 inch holes for your eyebolts. It is best you procure them locally. Here are the posts and hardware we recommend.

Prices are as of 1-15-2013 and are only an estimate.  

  1. 3 ft.  14 gauge steel U-Post, Powder coat green. Home Depot SKU 286-735              $2.84/ea
  2. 4 ft.  14 gauge steel U-Post, Powder coat green. Home Depot SKU 286-740              $4.11/ea
  3. 5 ft.  13 gauge steel U-Post, Powder coat green. Home Depot SKU 286-765              $5.24/ea

Recommended Eye bolts for these posts would be:¼” x 2- ½” zinc plated. About $0.25/each with 2 nuts.